Set up in 1973, Dundee Civic Trust is a voluntary body and charitable trust which aims to encourage the highest standards of design in new buildings and regeneration projects and to stimulate the public’s interest in the City’s urban heritage.

Our members care for the historic City of Dundee and its architecture and environment. We feel that a quality environment is important as it impacts on people’s sense of place and identity, encourages economic development and tourism and provides the backdrop for historic and artistic events.

Come and join us! By joining the Trust, you will meet like-minded people who care about the City and want to improve it. In addition, your membership adds weight to the Trust’s influence with developers and authorities alike Join Us Here. You don’t need to live in Dundee; you don’t need to be from Dundee; all you need is to want the best for Dundee.

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16/12/2021 7:00 pm

When the idea of a railway between Dundee and Arbroath was conceived in the 1830s, none of its promoters could have imagined it as anything other than a local line. By 1850, however, it had been cemented into the developing national network and it remains a route of strategic importance to this day. Civic Trust […]


2020-2021 Issue Our new edition is available for £5.00 plus £1.50 postage and packing. Please contact us to place an order. Contents Comment – from the Chairman COVID – a Year in Pictures Dundee: Vision for 2040 – the Trust’s aspirations for the City The 20-Minute Neighbourhood – the possible merits of this sustainable policy […]