Here is a selection of articles and discussion papers, showing the breadth of local subject matter of interest to the Trust and its members.

A Little Learning, by Glenys Marra (from City Scene 2013) : a look at the history of schools in the Hilltown area.
The Legacy of Linen and Jute , by Jack Searle (from City Scene 2014) : some of the lasting endowments of Dundee’s staple industry.
Fifies on the Firth, by Neale Elder (from City Scene 2015) : the story of the Tay ferries.
New Windows of Opportunity: University of Dundee, by Roger Illsley (from City Scene 2016) : the development of the University from its humble beginnings.
The Great Steam Crane, by Roderick Stewart (from City Scene 2016) : a look at a once-familiar landmark of Dundee Harbour.
The Health of a City, by Jed Scott (from City Scene 2016) : the creation of Ninewells Hospital.
The Highland Shows at Dundee, by Roderick Stewart (from City Scene 2017) : the occasions on which the Highland Show came to town.
The Rise and Fall of Whitfield’s ‘Skarne’ Blocks, by Peter Atkinson (from City Scene 2018) : the story of this most distinctive piece of urban design and the reasons for its failure.

Dundee’s Cold War – Royal Observer Corps, by Tony Jackson (from City Scene 2021) and Sector Control…from Dundee, by George Halford : Two interesting pieces about strategic activities taking place in a seemingly ordinary Dundee suburb in the second half of the 20th century.

Dundee Closes: a Lottery-funded research project from 2003.
Dundee Closes Map to accompany the above study.
Dundee: Vision for 2040.