16/12/2021 7:00 pm

When the idea of a railway between Dundee and Arbroath was conceived in the 1830s, none of its promoters could have imagined it as anything other than a local line. By 1850, however, it had been cemented into the developing national network and it remains a route of strategic importance to this day. Civic Trust […]

20/01/2022 7:00 pm

Dundee entrepreneur Chris van der Kuyl will join us for the first event of 2022. As well as his role as Chairman of 4J Studios, the developers of Minecraft, Chris is a co-owner of Water’s Edge, a building that has been successfully transformed from a run down transit shed at Camperdown Dock to a high-quality […]

17/02/2022 7:00 pm

Patricia Keppie, one of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s regional coordinators, will be accompanied by a local Dundee volunteer to outline the important work of the Commission and its educational charity, the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation. This will cover the history of the CWGC and its ongoing work, including its early challenges, and will also […]

17/03/2022 7:00 pm

The Annual General Meeting of Dundee Civic Trust is restored to its usual March date in the calendar after the disruption of the pandemic. Our guest speaker to round off the evening is author Bruce Keith, who will discuss his book ‘Bridgescapes’. This is a personal journey through history, celebrating Scotland’s bridge-building heritage. The book […]