Dundee: Vision for 2040

The Trust’s Vision for Dundee in 2040:

  • a diversified city centre with strengthened city neighbourhoods as places for people to live, work, learn and visit;
  • A ’20-minute city’, where everyone can walk or cycle for essential needs and one that is compact with limits to
    the expansion of the built-up area;
  • a well-connected city with opportunities for all its people, achieved by developing skills, fostering business innovation and supporting our learning institutions and attractions;
  • a city where the best in design is encouraged to enhance our unique environmental setting and heritage.

These are aspirations; and with cooperation and foresight many of them will be achievable in the
timeframe that we are considering.

Read the full Vision document here.

Dundee Maritime Trail

Recently launched, Dundee’s new Maritime Trail has been the product of nine different bodies and individuals whose work has brought together Dundee’s connection with its maritime world. The trail covers a two kilometre route going east from the V&A.

There is a great (and still being developed) website which can be accessed here:


The website gives you detailed information on 21 parts of the trail as well as providing a downloadable map. It is very up to date, with information on the development at Waterfront Place, east of V&A Dundee, which is under construction.  It states, ‘The landscape has been designed to reflect coastal geography with dune-like landscaping leading down to an urban beach. A maritime themed interactive play park and a travel hub building with cycle hire will also be available.’

There are lots of links to other online resources and various videos so there is plenty to occupy you. Various historical photographs of the area may also be viewed, so you can see how things have changed over the years. This website is well worth a visit and the contributors are to be congratulated for producing another valuable resource for the city and the tourists visiting Dundee.


Esports Arena

We have heard that the architects who are taking part in the feasibility study for the proposed esports arena to the east of Slessor Gardens are no longer to be acting for the developers, Northern Lights Arena (NLA) Europe.

This is a setback, but it is to be hoped that the developers are sufficiently committed to make further progress with this exciting venture, which is so appropriate for Dundee.