City Scene 2022

2022 issue (now available)


  • Comment – from the Chairman
  • Student Awards 2022
  • Emergence and transition: 50 years of innovation at Dundee’s Botanic Garden
  • “Two bagfuls of monkeys” – the history of the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum
  • Build it and they will come – the case for cycling in Dundee
  • The Early History of Camperdown Park
  • Exploring the Scouring Burn – an early workers’ community
  • Dundee Naturalists’ Society
  • Dundee City’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Journey: Past Projects and Future Plans
  • Dundee’s Natural History Collections and Museum
  • Winter Evening Talk Summary (2021-22) – a review of our series of events

19 January 2023: Iain Flett, “Garden to Eden”

19 January 2023: Iain Flett, “Garden to Eden”

Former city archivist Iain Flett, speaking on a wide range of subjects, is a great favourite of Trust members. His January talk will look at how Dundee was one of the first Scottish burghs to embrace lighting by coal gas to improve the safety of its inhabitants by night. Initially supplied with coal by river and later by rail, production at the gas works ceased when piped natural gas took over; but gas storage would continue. Indeed, the gas storage tank would be memorably repainted as a giant birthday cake to mark the city’s octocentenary in 1991. The site, along with its gasholder, will now be the site of an Eden Project.