City Scene 2021

2020-2021 Issue

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  • Comment – from the Chairman
  • COVID – a Year in Pictures
  • Dundee: Vision for 2040 – the Trust’s aspirations for the City
  • The 20-Minute Neighbourhood – the possible merits of this sustainable policy
  • Dundee Port – Adapting to the Future
  • The Case for Wider Boundaries – a view on expansion of the City’s administrative area
  • The Pioneering History of Public Art in Dundee
  • The East Mill – Scotland’s first successful steam powered flax mill
  • Civic Trust Student Awards – the Trust’s first student awards, in 2020 and 2021
  • DC Thomson Buildings – the impressive built estate of the City’s main publisher
  • Dundee’s Cold War – Royal Observer Corps
  • Dundee’s Cold War – The Maps
  • Dundee’s Cold War – Royal Naval Reserve
City Scene 2019

Dundee: City by Design

Dundee: City by Design (still in stock)


  • Water is Life – the history of Dundee’s water supply
  • The High Street – the beating heart of the City
  • Dundee Takes the Cake – a gasometer becomes a birthday cake for the 1991 Octocentenary
  • The Kingsway – the revolutionary bypass of the 1920s
  • Pioneers of Civil Aviation in Dundee
  • Dundee’s Drainage Infrastructure
  • Hacklemaking Power from the Ships – industrial problem-solving during the 1973-74 energy crisis
  • The Better Side of Bouch – the innovative Broughty/Tayport train ferries
  • Alexander Imlay and Son – the Fairmuir Cabinet Works
  • City Squares – photo feature
  • Dundee Civic Trust Awards 2019
City Scene 2018

Dundee: City of Design

Dundee: City of Design (still in stock)


  • The Old Lady – a history of the Old Steeple
  • Councillors & Criminals, Commerce & Community – The Pillars, Dundee’s favourite building
  • HMS Discovery, RRS Discovery and HMS Unicorn
  • Room for Improvement – the Improvement Acts of the 19th century
  • Done by Design – the tale of James Thomson’s ‘specimen house’
  • A Heart to the City Gained – Thomson’s plans for the Waterfront
  • Dundee’s Pioneering Housing Scheme – the story of Logie
  • Dundee Repertory Theatre
  • The Whitetop Centre
  • The Rise and Fall of Whitfield’s Skarne Blocks
  • The V&A Design Museum
City Scene 2017

Dundee: A City at Play

Dundee: A City at Play (still in stock; last few remaining)


  • Leisure and Culture in Dundee
  • Playing the Beautiful Game – a short piece about the two senior football clubs
  • Dundee on Ice – the story of ice sports in the city
  • The Festival of Britain in Dundee
  • The Highland Shows at Dundee – 1843 to 1957
  • Fort William and the Royal Tay Yacht Club
  • Treading the Boards – an account of ‘am dram’ in the city
  • Stars in their Eyes – cinemas in Dundee
  • Dancers, Chancers and Romancers
  • Saints and Sinners (and all things in between) – theatre in the city
  • Going Swimmingly
  • Dundee Civic Trust Awards 2017
City Scene 2016

Dundee: 1945-1975

Dundee: 1945-1975 (still in stock)


  • The Way We Were 1945
  • The Best Laid Schemes – post-war housing changes
  • …in a Nutshell – the story of a remarkable miniature caravan
  • Planning the Future – the formation of a new planning system
  • Planning: My Part in its Downfall – one amusing personal account
  • The Prefab Years – temporary housing in Dundee, 1945 to 1971
  • New Windows of Opportunity: University of Dundee
  • A Bridge to the Future – the Tay Road Bridge
  • The Health of a City
  • The Great Steam Crane at Victoria Dock
  • A Traumatised Generation – the effects of rapid urban change
  • 1975 – the Disco Days
City Scene 2015

On the Waterfront

On the Waterfront (out of stock)


  • The Growth of Dundee Harbour
  • The Town on the Wrong Side of the Tracks – the effects of railway development on the waterfront
  • Keeping it Light – the development of artificial lighting technology
  • Glassworks
  • Power to the People – electricity generation in the city
  • The Road and the Miles to Dundee – the road bridge
  • Fifies on the Firth – the story of the Tay ferries
  • Whaling from Dundee
  • The Eastward March of the Harbour
  • Dundee’s Front Line – the DP&L Shipping Company