“Thinking the unthinkable” – the future of town and city centres – Professor Leigh Sparks

“The high street has suffered from 50 years of benign – and not so benign-neglect. We can continue to patch and mend or we can start thinking more radically. That is, if we feel there is any value at all in having high streets?” Professor Sparks is Professor of Retail Studies at the University of Stirling and his challenging presentation and discussion will confront key issues in the future of high streets

V&A Museum Dundee

The V&A Dundee – One Year On – Philip Long

Philip Long is well-known to Dundonians as the Director of the dramatic new V&A Dundee and has managed this key Dundee project from its very earliest days. It will have been open for a little over a year and Philip will give us an update on the progress of this important and challenging Dundee Waterfront landmark, telling of successes (and possibly lessons learned), with perhaps a glimpse into the future.

City Scene 2018

Dundee: City of Design

Dundee: City of Design (still in stock)


  • The Old Lady – a history of the Old Steeple
  • Councillors & Criminals, Commerce & Community – The Pillars, Dundee’s favourite building
  • HMS Discovery, RRS Discovery and HMS Unicorn
  • Room for Improvement – the Improvement Acts of the 19th century
  • Done by Design – the tale of James Thomson’s ‘specimen house’
  • A Heart to the City Gained – Thomson’s plans for the Waterfront
  • Dundee’s Pioneering Housing Scheme – the story of Logie
  • Dundee Repertory Theatre
  • The Whitetop Centre
  • The Rise and Fall of Whitfield’s Skarne Blocks
  • The V&A Design Museum
City Scene 2017

Dundee: A City at Play

Dundee: A City at Play (still in stock; last few remaining)


  • Leisure and Culture in Dundee
  • Playing the Beautiful Game – a short piece about the two senior football clubs
  • Dundee on Ice – the story of ice sports in the city
  • The Festival of Britain in Dundee
  • The Highland Shows at Dundee – 1843 to 1957
  • Fort William and the Royal Tay Yacht Club
  • Treading the Boards – an account of ‘am dram’ in the city
  • Stars in their Eyes – cinemas in Dundee
  • Dancers, Chancers and Romancers
  • Saints and Sinners (and all things in between) – theatre in the city
  • Going Swimmingly
  • Dundee Civic Trust Awards 2017
City Scene 2016

Dundee: 1945-1975

Dundee: 1945-1975 (still in stock)


  • The Way We Were 1945
  • The Best Laid Schemes – post-war housing changes
  • …in a Nutshell – the story of a remarkable miniature caravan
  • Planning the Future – the formation of a new planning system
  • Planning: My Part in its Downfall – one amusing personal account
  • The Prefab Years – temporary housing in Dundee, 1945 to 1971
  • New Windows of Opportunity: University of Dundee
  • A Bridge to the Future – the Tay Road Bridge
  • The Health of a City
  • The Great Steam Crane at Victoria Dock
  • A Traumatised Generation – the effects of rapid urban change
  • 1975 – the Disco Days
City Scene 2015

On the Waterfront

On the Waterfront (out of stock)


  • The Growth of Dundee Harbour
  • The Town on the Wrong Side of the Tracks – the effects of railway development on the waterfront
  • Keeping it Light – the development of artificial lighting technology
  • Glassworks
  • Power to the People – electricity generation in the city
  • The Road and the Miles to Dundee – the road bridge
  • Fifies on the Firth – the story of the Tay ferries
  • Whaling from Dundee
  • The Eastward March of the Harbour
  • Dundee’s Front Line – the DP&L Shipping Company